About Us

What is Recon Village?

Recon Village is an Open Space with Talks, Live Demos, Workshops, Discussions, CTFs with a common focus on Reconnaissance. The village consists of a small group of people interested in areas of Open Source Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Red Teaming, with a common goal of encouraging and spreading awareness about these areas.

We conduct this event in hacker conferences and our formats includes Comprehensive talks, Lighning Talks, Live Demos, Hands on Workshops, CTF event, etc.

Crew Members

Shubham Mittal (@upgoingstar)
Sudhanshu Chauhan (@sudhanshu_c)
Sandeep Singh (@sandy1sm)
Kunal Aggarwal (@aggkunal)
Anant Srivastava (@anantshri)
Prashant Mahajan (@prashant3535)
Jennifer Roderick
Neelu Tripathy (@neelutripathy)
Antriksh Shah(@antriksh_s)
Sanoop Thomas (@s4n7h0)
Pankit Dubal(@p0wn_YamraJ)
Chandrapal (@bnchandrapal)

CFP Review Panel (DEFCON 26)

Justin Seitz (@jms_dot_py)
Anant Srivastava (@anantshri)
Prashant Mahajan (@prashant3535)
Akash Mahajan(@makash)

Hackathon Jury Panel

Justin Nordine(@jnordine)
Maximiliano Soler(@MaxiSoler)

Contact Us:

We tweet and give announcements about important updates before, during, and after DEFCON / other events from our Twitter handle @reconvillage and our Facebook page @reconvillage. Watch out for major announcements and other recon or OSINT related tweets / retweets / updates.

If you have any questions, suggestions or queries, please email us at contact@reconvillage.org. Use the same for media inquiries too.

Shoutout to DEFCON

Of course this would not have been possible without DEFCON who provided us the platform to host our village. Also thanks to all the DEFCON goons to help us around everything.