1983: I’m born. 2018: I’m taking on the bad guys

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“I‚Äôm not a programmer. I‚Äôm not a hacker‚Ķin the traditional sense. But yet I was born in 1983, so surely that makes me a perfect fit for the DEF CON theme this year. Not enough? Ok, well how about the fact that I‚Äôm currently using open source tools, techniques and methodologies to combat modern slavery, wildlife trafficking, terrorism and just about every serious organized crime the world is currently battling from a desk in the middle of the London financial district. Interested in hearing from a different viewpoint and perspective, then this is your talk. While you might not walk away with a new tool for your toolbox, you will gain an understanding into how the smallest contribution can end up the most profound and how combining open source resources can take on much bigger problems that you‚Äôve maybe never considered.

During my talk, I will cover a few examples of recent Open Source investigations conducted by myself, including details regarding the methodologies and tools which were used. We actively follow the person not the digital fingerprint to begin to understand and put a face to some of the most prevalent and serious organized crimes facing the world today.

When I was in the forces I knew what I was facing and had to deal with, as Head of Research at a FinTech company I never expected that transferring my skills would end up uncovering individuals within the financial industry who I’ve had to report for terrorist activity, human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, drug smuggling, violent crime, fraud (international and domestic), revenge porn, and stalking.

And while I’m not here to save the world, I think we can all do a little bit to contribute to a counter-future in which the good guys are empowered by technology and the bad guys have nowhere to hide.

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Jennifer Roderick