Applied OSINT For Politics: Turning Open Data Into News

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How do you apply open source intelligence techniques to politicians, candidates, and others holding the public trust? It’s easier than you think. This talk will outline the general principles for investigating public figures, how to take information and data and turn it into a news story even when the story is (often) incomplete, and then review several case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of combining these techniques.

  • Case Study #1: Selling Out Before The Financial Crisis: politicians using their positions and insider knowledge to profit and sell stocks before regulatory actions and major events like the 2008 financial crisis

  • Case Study #2: Family Money Laundering Campaign Contributions: politician, who lacks the means themselves, illegally fund their campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars from family members

  • Case Study #3: How To Save $300,000 On A Home: politician purchases a home at a steep discount from a major campaign donor

  • Case Study #4: Downton Abbey On Capitol Hill: politicians use public funds to decorate their offices in ostentatious and wasteful ways

  • Case Study #5: Voter Fraud Is Real: political candidate actually commits voter fraud”

Speaker Profile

Lloyd Miller