Recon Village (DEFCON 25) Schedule

We have now finalized the time slots with our speakers and here is the compiled list of talks/workshops with respective time slots and speaker details. Hell Yeah. :D

Registration/Info desk will open one hour before the village starts. Our village runs for following timings:

  • 28th July: 1400 - 1835 (Teardown by 1900)
  • 29th July: 1000 - 1800 (Teardown by 1830)
  • 30th July: 1000 - 1245

Talks Schedule - in Palermo

Date, Time
(Las Vegas Time)
28th July (Friday), 1420 - 1455 Keynote
It’s Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better - The Future of Recon Data Mining by Shane McDougal
28th July (Friday), 1455 - 1540 An Introduction to Graph Theory for OSINT by Andrew Hay

28th July (Friday), 1540 - 1625 Into the Bird’s Nest: A Comprehensive Look at Twitter as a Research Tool by Tracy Z. Maleeff

28th July (Friday), 1625 - 1645 Sponsored Talk
Up close and personal - Keeping an eye on mobile applications by Mikhail Sosonkin
28th July (Friday), 1700 - 1725 Using phonetic algorithms to increase your search space and detect misspellings. by Alex Kahan

28th July (Friday), 1725 - 1800 Attack Surface Discovery with Intrigue by Jcran

28th July (Friday), 1800 - 1835 Skip tracing for fun and profit by Rhett Greenhagen
29th July (Saturday), 1210 - 1300 Domain Discovery: Expanding your scope like a boss by Jason Haddix
29th July (Saturday), 1300 - 1325 Recon and bug bounties what a great love story by Abhijeth

29th July (Saturday), 1325 - 1400 Using DFIR Orchestration and Automation Tools and Playbooks For OSINT and Recon by Tyler
29th July (Saturday), 1400 - 1425 Total Recoll: Conducting Investigations without Missing a Thing by Dakota Nelson

29th July (Saturday), 1450 - 1515 How to obtain 100 Facebooks accounts per day through internet searches by Guillermo Buendia (m0m0)

29th July (Saturday), 1515 - 1600 OSINT Tactics on Source Code & Developers by Simon Roses

30th July (Sunday), 1000 - 1035 Building Google For Criminal Enterprises by Anthony
30th July (Sunday), 1035 - 1125 FERPA: Only Your Grades Are Safe; OSINT In Higher Education by Leah

30th July (Sunday), 1125 - 1155 Do Tinder Bots Dream of Electric Toys? How Tinder Bots are breaking hearts all over the world, and trashing Tinder’s reputation while they’re at it. by Inbar Raz

Workshops Schedule - in Palermo

Date, Time (Las Vegas Time) Title
29th July (Saturday), 1000 - 1200 Intro to OSINT: Zero on the way to Hero by Joe Gray
29th July (Saturday), 1600 - 1800 Burner Phone Challenge by Dakota Nelson


CTF Schedule - in Sienna

Date, Time (Las Vegas Time) Title
28th July (Friday), 1420 CTF Start
30th July (Sunday), 1200 CTF Stop
30th July (Sunday), 1200 - 1230 Winner Announcement / Prize Distribution

Recon Village Timeline

What? When?
@ c0c0n 18th - 19th August 2017
@ DEFCON 25 28th - 30th July 2017
OSINT CTF Reg Open 15th July 2017
@ DEFCON 25 CFP Close 1st July 2017
@ DEFCON 25 Call for Volunteers OPEN 8th May 2017
@ DEFCON 25 CFP OPEN 8th May 2017