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We are pleased to announce we will be hosting hands on workshops on 29th July (morning and evening). These workshops will be hands-on in nature and will require you to bring in a Laptop with you where you can practise (if you want to). These workshops are completely free.

Intro to OSINT: Zero on the way to Hero

by @C_3PJoe

OSINT can be ones worst enemy or best friend, depending on what angle the person is looking at it from. This introduction level workshop will start out discussing the basis of OSINT then transition into applicable use case scenarios. Once we have a sound foundation in OSINT, we’ll start to work on some collection considerations and techniques.

In terms of tools used in this presentation, the list is somewhat fluid based upon the advancement of other tools, social media platforms, or other variables. Tools intended to be highlighted are:,, Buscador Linux, Recon-ng, Datasploit, APIs (Twitter and possibly Facebook; maybe others), haveibeenpwned., whois, persona generator, and others.

Depending on your position, this talk with either arm you with the right tools to build better OSINT engagements, whether for phishing or other investigations or educate you on steps you can take to better secure yourself.

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Burner Phone Challenge

by @jerkota

Once upon a time, I saw this tweet from Kenneth Lipp: In summary, the tweet is about an AT&T program available to law enforcement meant to make burner phones meaningless. Even if someone switches phones, if their pattern of behavior (both in terms of contacts and call locations) stays the same or similar, AT&T can determine that it’s the same person simply using a new phone.

This seems like a great teaching opportunity! Attendees at this workshop will build the same analytics as AT&T does, using Python on some “phone metadata” created just for you to play with. You’ll be able to find burner phones in the mess, and hopefully learn some fun network analysis, machine learning, and Python programming skills along the way!

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