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Recon Village

Talks from Recon Village - 2021 (DEFCON 29)



Future of Asset Management

Name: Ben S

Comprehensive Talk

Using OSINT to Aid in Human Trafficking and Smuggling Cases

Name: Rae

Finding Hidden Gems via URL Shortener Services

Name: Utku Sen

OSINT for Sex Workers
OSINT and the Hermit Kingdom. Leveraging online sources to learn more about the worlds most secret nation

Name: Nick


Let the bugs come to me - how to build cloud-based recon automation at scale

Name: Ryan Elkins


So You Want to OPSEC, Eh?

Name: Ritu Gill


Adversary Infrastructure Tracking with Mihari
People Hunting: A Pentesters Perspective
Venator: Hunting & Smashing Trolls on Twitter
How vigilant researchers can uncover APT attacks for fun and non profit
The Bug Hunter’s Recon Methodology
Can I Make My Own Social Threat Score?
.GOV Doppelgänger: Your Häx Dollars at Work
Using Passive DNS for gathering Business Intelligence

Name: Andy Dennis