We are thankful to the following organizations for supporting / sponsoring us.


If you also are interested in sponsoring Recon Village at DEFCON 27, drop us an email at or fill in this quick Google Form.

We are a Not For Profit, community-driven village that strives to promote and support research in OSINT / Recon community. All the money we get from sponsors goes in expenses of the village, i.e., t-shirts, badges, stickers, networking party, logistics, etc. (Yes, we don’t sell our badges and t-shirts).

Community Sponsor

4 Slots Left

Badge Sponsor

1 Slot Left

Party Sponsor

2 Slots Left

CTF Sponsor

1 Slot Left

HackaThon Sponsor

1 Slot Left

Gold Sponsor

1  Slot Left

Below is the list of possible benefits we can provide to our Sponsors:

- Verbal Recognition (Opening, Closing of the village)
- Shoutout CTF / Hackathon Prizes
- Shout Out on Social media
- Hiring Opportunity (Participants who opts for 'Share my details with Recruiters')
- Brand Recognition in Schedule Pamphlets
- Logo Placement on:
  - Recon Village, CTF and Hackathon website(s)
  - CTF, HackaThon and Village Banner(s)
  - Stage Backdrop
  - Wall of Support
  - Recon Village Badge Lanyards
- Drop Stickers at Reg. / Info Desk 
- Distribute goodies at Reg. / Info Desk
- Invitation to Recon Village Party

If you are interested in sponsoring Recon Village at DEFCON 27, or if you have any query, please drop us an email at


Our CFP for DEFCON 27 is now OPEN.

Recon Village will be running in DEFCON China 1, Beijing.

Recon Village ran a successfull show at DEFCON 26, Las Vegas.

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